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Don proposes taking and taking and taking and taking, until there’s nothing more left to take. But there are people like Lane, who don’t know how to do anything but give. They’ll just keep giving up things, until they’re giving up pieces of themselves, until they don’t know how to stop and they’ve lost everything. No one should blame Don for Lane’s death — Lane got himself into that stupid situation — but it’s also important to understand that Don has enough money to buy himself the luxury of a clear conscience, of doing the right thing. Lane has no such thing. He’s always boxed in. Don spends so much of this season — this series, really — talking about happiness, as if it’s a thing you can buy, but what he never realizes is that if you climb the pyramid far enough to start thinking about that top step, to start thinking about actualizing yourself, to even get to a point where you think you can buy happiness, you’ve naturally left a lot of people behind you. Some people climb higher and higher, and it never occurs to them that the people they pass are stuck on level three or four, stuck trying to find the way to be so cocky as to worry about something as simple as merely being happy.

Todd VanDerWerff, AVClub

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