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What we learned as children, that one plus one equals two, we know to be false. One plus one equals one. We even have a word for when you plus another equals one. That word… is love.

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Maybe life is a dream and we wake up when we die? 

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Crews: D’you think after a few years we’ll stand further apart? That’d be sad.
Reese: Crews. We’re not a couple.
Crews: Oh, yeah. Still, it’d be sad. Time driving a wedge between us…
Reese: (apparently not paying attention)


Free Association Interview Game with the cast of The Amazing Spiderman


Life: one gifset per episode

Serious Control Issues (1x09)

Dani: I don’t really understand you. I don’t really like you, but, you’re not one of the bad guys. If I had your money I’d be on a beach somewhere. How come you’re not on a beach somewhere?

Charlie: Do I look like I tan?


Life: one two gifsets per episode

Serious Control Issues (1x09)

Dani: Didn’t know they made ‘em that small.

Charlie: It’s a personal pineapple.


Life: one two gifsets per episode

Find Your Happy Place (2x01)

Charlie’s ongoing battle with technology: the washroom


Life: one two three gifsets per episode

Fill It Up (1x11)

Charlie: Today, I have only one decision to make. You shouldn’t have killed my friends, Kyle.