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“Is there someone in your service whom you trust completely?” 
“The wiser answer was no, my lord.”

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Superior brother Eli Thompson

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My name is William Keane… We had one child… a girl.

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#her face after he touches her literally kills me #it’s like she’s actually feeling that pang of love for the first time #that kind of emptiness it leaves in you #one of the most poignant alice moments to me is when she tells him ‘i feel things’ because other people either just see her as a freak or see her as evil #they’ve put her in a box and alice morgan doesn’t want to be put in a box #she has real human emotions #and she doesn’t feel in the same way that other people do but it doesn’t mean she is unfeeling per se #and in this moment she feels overwhelmed #she wants him to know that she does feel #that she’s not heartless #and this moment is just grand #because it’s such a simple gesture #but it affects her so much because it’s all she wanted from him #just for him to see beyond what she appears to be #that maybe what she does isn’t a sign of her psychosis #but a sign of her affection #and it’s such a powerful connection in this moment that it almost takes her breath away for a second #and that is alice morgan #that is this relationship #two crazy people just trying to escape what people have labelled them as #and to believe in love for the first time for her #in a church #in this sacred place #it’s a bit too much #but it’s beautiful and real and for the very first time #she accepts love as maybe a part of the human condition #and he learns that there is love in the world but maybe not always from who you expect #maybe it comes from someone who you shouldn’t love #someone who represents everything you are against

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Interviewer: Face just came easily to you?
Sharlto: I’m doing Murdock…I’m flattered that you said Face! I am quite flattered about that! Isn’t that pretty sweet?! Hey Bradley, what do you think of that? Huh?

aw i love u

dis sweet son of a gun

#ugh why is his IMDB page so empty how is he only working on one project for 2013 wtf get on