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Crackship Shuffle | Lord Voldemort & Sue Sylvester | crash-n3bula

Club Can’t Handle Me//Flo Rida fr. David Guetta

You know I know how
To make ‘em stop and stare as I zone out
The club can’t even handle me right now
Watchin’ you, watchin’ me, we go all out

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Actually, it was counseling Finn and Rachel that made me realize that sometimes the withholding of the truth can make someone feel as bad as lying. So I told him the truth last night, and we had a big fight. Then we made up, and then he told me that he loved me. And I told him that I love him, back.

EMMA: I need to tell you about my weekend.
WILL: I think I’d rather not hear all the details.
EMMA: Carl took me to Vegas.
WILL: Why are you telling me this? Is that an engagement ring?
EMMA: It’s a wedding ring, actually.