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THE ANYTHING MEME — all of the aus / red / requested by riverran

Don’t condescend to me.
If that’s what you want, then extend me the same courtesy. I’ve been fighting wars since before you were born.


Nelle tue braccie care
v’è l’ebbrezza, l’oblio!

La mia bocca è un altare
dove il tuo bacio è Dio!
Labbra adorate e care!
Manon, mi fai morire!
Labbra dolci a baciare!
Dolcissimo soffrire!

In your arms, dear
There is the thrill, oblivion

My mouth is an altar
Where your kiss is God
Lips adored and beloved
Manon, you make me die
Sweet lips to kiss
Sweet suffering!

Oh, sarò la più bella! Tu, tu, amore! by Giacomo Puccini

RUSSELL EDGINGTON/SOPHIE-ANNE LECLERQ asked for by shelightsupwell

No regrets; everything will work out fine
We’ll hold our breath, wait for another sign
I’ve tasted your bittersweet faith
My heart aches for you
I’m taking a moment to say
Everything I do, I do for you
I do it all for you


Tomorrow evening, I intend to head into Bon Temps, find Eric Northman, and kill him, which is why —
‘And kill him?’ You know the whole reason we’re here to begin with is that you killed someone, right? There’s going to be an Authority presence in town; you can’t just waltz in and expect —
Which is why I want you to get out of here, because as much as I despise the peddling of our blood for simple profit and believe you to be incompetent at running a state, this is not your concern.
Ready to head out?
And after more than six hours of sleep. What a pleasant surprise.
I can play nice.
Mmhm. And how was sleeping on the couch?
Calm down.
Fuck you! I hope you catch fire and burn to a fucking crisp, you —
That’s quite alright; bursting into hysterics was precisely what I meant by asking you to calm down.
Oh, you’re such a clever little shit. Would it kill you to take anything seriously?
Isn’t everything supposed to get easier, after a while?
Some things do, some things don’t.
I try.
How long has it been since you were ever this active?
I don’t know. It’s been a long time. But I don’t mind it.
— Not that I’m complaining, but I think I recall you saying something about subtlety earlier … And now that I’ve gotten that off my chest, you might want to get the bleach. Bloodstains don’t really fall under the heading of inconspicuous.