art history major. i like crags, birds, and things that make me sad. aidan gillen is my forever girl.


“… In my first few episodes, I really had nothing to say. So how do I fill all this time? What is the inner life of this guy? And his inner life is that he would do anything for this woman, and everyone else is a piece of shit to him, and he will find out everything about them and destroy them, if need be… and kill them, if need be.”

-Reed Diamond on Laurence Dominic

(via blarblarnyar)

DOMINIC: I wasn’t sent to bring you down. I was sent to make sure you didn’t bring yourself down. If it weren’t for me, Paul Ballard would have found you already. I never lied to you. About my methods, or my priorities.
DEWITT: You lied about your intentions.