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Elijah: This is the setting of another uh, safety issue with Sean.
Dom: [under his breath] Oh goodness me, Sean.
Elijah: Do you remember? With the helicopter?
Sean: Yeah well, we were on top of this mountain and they send the helicopter…well, you go ahead. You go ahead and tell how silly I was.
Elijah: Well, I think…Dom, you were there as well.
Dom: Mmhmm, yeah. Sean just, you know, he’s very safety conscious and while we were uh, you know, just hanging around, relaxing, and taking it easy, Sean spent about an hour directing helicopters coming toward us.
[everybody laughs]
Sean: [laughing] No! No I didn’t!
Elijah: Yes you did.
Billy: And I’d just like to say that they all landed safely.
Dom: Yeah.
Billy: So he did a good job. I remember once, Sean, me and you went to see a rugby game, do you remember that?
Sean: Yeah.
Billy: And we were just sitting watching the rugby game and I could see Sean looking around, and I turned to him and I said “You’re actually looking for ways out in case there’s a disaster, aren’t you?” And he said “Yeah. Yeah I am.”
[everybody laughs]
Billy: All eventualities covered.
Sean: I had absorbed Sam’s sort of pragmatism into my soul at that point.

-Fellowship of the Ring Extended Edition cast commentary

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